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When you treat a garden with care

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

Puzzle-Quote-Ed-Lester-1“When you treat a garden with care and love, it grows”
Ed Lester


Sunshine Thoughts

Today I totally need a pick-up. Depress City. The event at the Night Market was a bust. Sold one t-shirt. Every event just puts me “deeper into debt.” Obviously this is not the thing I need to do to promote the puzzle books or t-shirts.

I typed into Google Search the word “quotes” for this weeks puzzle theme. I found this site by Ed Lester. Never heard of him before but his stuff seems positive and encouraging and I need to pick myself out of the self pity mud puddle.

So the little I know of Ed Lester is that he is an Abundance coach – and that is not something I am into – because most of it is scummy, scammy stuff but on the other hand I do believe in positive, uplifts so . . . maybe this is what I need.

I picked up this quote from his blog post, How to treat yourself if you want abundance… and what I liked about the quote is it’s simplicity. “When you treat a garden with care and love, it grows.”

That can apply with anything. How you treat people, yourself, your ideas, work, life, memories, whatever. Basically we are the gardener in our own little plot of ground.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Jon is making spaghetti sauce. Fresh tomatoes and loving care. It is already awesome. Just had my first spoon taste and it hasn’t even begun to do it’s slow cooking magic.
2. Jon put on some good music to cheer me up. Bob Dylan and others.
3. The sun is shining. 

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview70 piecePuzzle-Quote-Ed-Lester-1

preview36 pieceFB IMG 1533344442952

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4 thoughts on “When you treat a garden with care”

  1. i am so sorry the Evening Market did not go well. Wish I had magic words of encouragement. I know you will do well with the puzzle books and I think little by little you will sell the tee shirts. Hang in there, all will come together. The spaghetti sounds yummy. How did the pork chops turn out ?


    1. Yes – I think the little by little is the magic key. The pork chops turned out okay. Jon liked them and wanted me to keep the recipe. I wasn’t that thrilled I think I like more the slow cooker route where they are a little more juicy. 🙂


  2. Forgot my gratefuls, lol
    Grateful for steaks and bp’s this evening for dinner.
    Grateful for going to tap this evening.
    Grateful for good health.


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